Welcome to Bungalook Alpaca Farm. Our innovative products have been sold worldwide for over 28 years.

We have been handling and shearing alpacas in the East Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia for over 28 years. We could not find a suitable Alpaca Headstall (an Alpaca headstall is a harness, bridle or halter attached to a lead) in any market, so we designed and started to produce our own.

A good Alpaca Headstall (harness, bridle or halter) needs to be easy and quick to use, to save time and be less stressful for the alpacas. Our Bungalook Alpaca Headstalls (harness, bridle, halter) are used constantly for general animal husbandry and loading alpacas on and off the shearing table.

After realising the downsides of shearing on the ground, we invented the Bungalook Alpaca Shearing table, and have been using it to great effect ever since. Interest in it’s design has prompted us to refine it and we now offer it for sale on the international market.

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How our Alpaca headstalls (harness, bridle, lead or halter) came into being

Summer time at Lakes Entrance, on the South East coast of Victoria, Australia, is a very busy time. When city folk arrive here, ready to relax and enjoy their summer vacation, the locals at this sea-side town are rolling up their sleeves to be sure that the best of service and entertainment is available for the six weeks of holidays. Here at Bungalook Alpaca Farm, just out of town, we had an idea for involving our alpacas in the fun...

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